Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SwagBucks Review

So is swagbucks a scam? Well this review will tell you…

Swagbucks is a FREE and fun way to search the Internet and win stuff. Just look below for proof!

They sent me gift card codes, and all the ones I have received so far worked perfectly – I plugged them into my Amazon.com account and they gave me credit. I used those credits to buy myself a new fancy gaming mouse :D

You win “Swagbucks” by searching the internet. You can spend them on tons of legit prizes.

The whole idea behind Swagbucks is that you search the internet and you are randomly awarded with points. These points can be traded in for stuff like gaming consoles, iTunes giftcards, and even cold hard cash. What I recommend however, is that you buy amazon giftcards because they are the best value on the site.

Now this may seem to good to be true – but the reason they can afford to give you stuff is because they make money when people click the advertisements on their website. Since they have so many people who use the site, they make a ton of money off ads and promotional deals. They take a decent percentage of this money and turn it around, giving the end user their fair share.

There are a several ways to make Swagbucks

  • Searching the internet (Highly recommended) FREE
  • Completing offers such as surveys, watching videos, testing out products (not recommended) Sometimes free
  • Trading in old electronics (probably not recommended) Kind of free?
  • Cashback on hundreds of online merchants (Recommended only if you were going to make the purchase anyways) Not free
  • Recruiting your friends (Highly recommended) FREE

Personally I just recruit people to the site and use their search engine. I’ve gotten enough points for $150 in amazon Giftcards after about three days.

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